"Be the best you can be ..."

YEAR 7 & 8

Awakeri School is a full primary school—yYars 1 to 8. By the end of Year 8 our students are very well prepared for high school. Awakeri students have the reputation of being excellent learners and positive contributors which means high schools are keen to get our students. A high percentage of our students go on to win accolades at high school.

Leadership opportunities: We have specific leadership roles for year 7s and 8s. Our students have the chance to be house leaders, bus monitors, assembly leaders, peer mediators, wet weather monitors and physical education monitors. With the wide range of ages at Awakeri School it gives our senior students the opportunities to use their skills to teach and help others e.g. specific reading programmes like Cross Age Tutoring—across the board things like buddy reading. This also gives our senior students the chance to be the ’big’ people and be role models. Awakeri School has the feeling of being a family as witnessed by the large number of ex-pupils who came back to support school events like Ag Day, production, prize giving and Top School.

Technology Specialist technology at Edgecumbe College is a very high quality programme and is in high demand with other local schools trying to get their students into the programme. Our students go by bus to tech one day per week for half of the year, they bring their creations home every three weeks, so it is very hands on.

Overseas exchange Awakeri School has a long standing relationship with Wellington Primary in Singapore. Students, parents and teachers from both schools have visited each other on several occasions. Every second year Awakeri Students in Yr. 7 & 8 travel to Singapore and spend time at Wellington School in the classrooms and have home stays with a family from the school. This is a valuable and fun way to experience and share other cultures and to build confidence in a very different environment. Students and their families fundraise hard in the year leading up to the trip, the majority of the expenses are raised, removing any financial barrier and opening the experience for any of our students.

"Kia Toa, Kia Manawanui"