"Be the best you can be ..."


Mission Statement

“Be the best you can be”

Kia toa, Kia manawanui


· An inclusive and supportive learning environment where all children have the opportunity to be the best they can be.

· Learning and behaviour are integrated with our core values: (Excellence, Resilience, Confidence, Kindness, Respect, Independence)

· The importance of lifelong learning is reflected and developed.

· All become active and innovative learners and thinkers, with the ability to solve problems creatively.

· The school develops its facilities considering the needs of its community of learners.


The Awakeri School Core Values were developed through a robust consultation process and reflect the beliefs of our students, staff and parents/whanau. Everyone at Awakeri School (staff, students and parents) is expected to act in accordance to the school’s ‘5 Core Values’. All expectations for behaviour fall under the umbrella of the Awakeri School Values.

The Awakeri School Core Values are:

Always safe

Working together

Attitude is positive

Kind and thoughtful

Expect the best

Resilient when things are tough

Independent and confident to be me

"Kia Toa, Kia Manawanui"